TOGI D’Glutea is the first brand of instant dark tea and it is made for the mass community to tackle “The Three Highs”. It was researched and developed using advanced technology by Tongee (KL) Sdn. Bhd which poses 54 years of history in the field of Chinese Medicine, along with Hunan Xiangcha High-Tech Limited Company.

It is a product in the runner-up of China’s National Science and Technology Progress award. It is a beneficial element derived from the optimally selected golden flower bacteria (Eurotium Cristatum). The golden flower bacteria is extracted from a variety of beneficial substances such as Catechin A & B and complex tea polysaccharides. Through the purification of pure water, it completely retains the composition of beneficial substances and remove the harmful substances such as pesticide residues and heavy metals. Therefore, it is safe and pure natural product. Each gram of TOGI D’Glutea consists of 18 types of amino acids and 210 million Eurotium Cristatum bacteria.

Traditional tea:

  1. Natural flowering process, there are many uncontrollable factors.
  2. Time-consuming (The flowering cycle is for few months or 2 to 5 years continuously)
  3. Low efficiency (Flowering rate is 10-30%)
  4. Inconvenient

TOGI D’Glutea:

  1. Flowering process is under control
  2. Quick process of fermentation
  3. High efficiency (Optimal strain selected with 100% flowering rate. 8:1 concentration)
  4. Can be brewed and consumed instantly

TOGI D’Glutea is not a form of  medication. TOGI D’Glutea increases the body and glucose metabolism to improve human health and strengthen their physique. It is able  to lower the level of blood sugar, blood pressure and blood pressure.

There is a wide variety of dark tea, each with different effects and beneficial functions. It is a product in the runner-up of China’s National Science and Technology Progress award. It is a beneficial element derived from the optimally selected golden flower bacteria (Eurotium Cristatum) which can lower the level of blood sugar and blood pressure.

TOGI D’Glutea has its own unique formulas in raw materials, flowering process, and extraction. The research center has experimented with tens of thousands of experiments in searching of the best formula throughout 10 years.

More than 150 beneficial microbial metabolites are produced by the optimal selected golden camellia during the back-end of the fermentation process. These microbial ingredients are the functional ingredients that we cannot found in other dark teas.

We all know that the human body is made up of countless cells, and new healthy cells are produced and replaced by cells that eliminate aging lesions. When our metabolism accelerates, the regeneration and replacement of cells catabolize the body’s fats cells and excessive substances. This process improves the health of the body. Whereas the cell replacement cycle of human is about 90-120 days (except for certain stem cells). This is why the program of drinking tea takes 3 months to see the result.

  1. 3 sachets are required in a day to lower blood sugar. As high temperatures would affect the conversion of polysaccharide compounds, it is advised to brew the tea at a water temperature of not more than 50 °C.
  2. Drink the tea slowly one hour after meal. 3 sachets are required in a day for those who aims to counter fatty liver and lower blood lipids.
  3. For those who drink for healthcare and wellbeing purposes, they would only require one to two sachets a day. Drinking in the long term will adjust one’s health status. They are only required them to brew the tea by pouring the powder into a water bottle and shake gently.
  4. Obesity and “three highs” require 3 to 9 months to adjust body health slowly, therefore drinking for a long term would be best.

When we get injured, there would be a physiological reaction in our body. When the condition has been improved, there would be another reaction happened. Chronic disease condition is likely to be accompanied by an increase in the symptoms. This is a medical phenomenon called “dominant reaction”, which is a sign of improvement of the body. As long as it is monitored accordingly, it will be relieved or even fade after a period of time. The product is completely derived from the pure plant extract of dark tea and it is proven to be safe and has no side effects.

The best way to treat most acute illnesses is to treat them in a simple way.  Stay hydrated and supply your body with electrolytes. Take the medicine according to the doctor’s advice. Drink TOGI D’Glutea an hour after the intake of medicine.

TOGI D’Glutea has converted the caffeine component of the original tea in the process of extraction and processing. It does not require the transformation through body’s digestion. It also would not cause excitatory effects on the human body. However, each person’s physique varies from one another. It is recommended that insomniac people should avoid taking large intake of the tea an hour before bed. If you are drinking TOGI D’Glutea for the first time, drinking it in small amounts is advised to make it easier for your body to adapt to the properties of the tea.

Everyone’s physical conditions is different, and this phenomenon is normal. TOGI D’Glutea is based on the principle of “Chinese Medicine and Food Homology”,  it participates in the blood lipids and blood glucose metabolism cycle in human’s body. By regulating the body’s metabolic enzyme activity, it does not allow the stomach to absorb excess nutrients. Diarrheas and excretion of air is a normal indication of detoxification, where excess toxins and non-absorbed food are eliminated through loose stools. Generally, after drinking for about a week, the signs of diarrhea will be alleviated or faded.

All chronic diseases require a slow and gentle treatment. The amount of intake is according to the situation. The blood pressure and blood lipids must be tested after you drink the tea. TOGI D’Glutea has a slow onset of lowering blood sugar, and it usually takes about 3 months and above to see the effect. Do not simply decrease the medication, you only can start to reduce medicine after the blood sugar is stable continuously for a period of time.

  1. Drink the tea every day. It takes a longer time and a larger amount of consumption for elderly and the chronically-ill, rather than taking a large dose within a small amount of time.
  2. The intake of tea after taking any medication or vice versa should at least be an hour apart.
  3. Drink an hour after meal. Avoid from drinking too much over a short period of time
  4. If the taste is too strong, you may add some water to dilute the tea. Each sachets is recommended to be brewed with 400ml of normal-temperature water.
  5. This product can be included for culinary uses. It is able to eradicate fishiness. Through this method it can also encourage significant gastrointestinal reactions whereas the reduction of fats is not affected.
  6. The temperature of water should not more than 50 °C, as high temperatures would affect the hypoglycaemic effect on polysaccharides. However,  it would not affect the function of reducing fat cells.
  7. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases need to drink this with warmer water to soften the blood vessel.

Principle: The core component which consists of tea polysaccharide can stimulate insulin β to secrete insulin, improve the insulin sensitivity, reducing diabetes fasting blood glucose while improving the body’s tolerance against glucose.

Principle: The core components which consists of Catechin A & B can significantly inhibit the proliferation and differentiation of preadipocytes, effectively reducing the levels of TG and TC in Hep G2 cells. It also inhibits the intracellular lipid accumulation and increases the pathway of energy metabolism and it increases the oxidation of fatty acids at the same time.

Scientifically proven: Drinking TOGI D’Glutea before exercising can increase up to 17% of the rate of fat burning.

Relieving constipation

Principle: Rich in dietary fiber, effectively promoting the metabolism of glycolipids. As mentioned in an old saying – “Dark tea scrapes grease and improves digestion”, this effectively promotes gastrointestinal motility.

Intake Method: Brewing 2g in 800ml water. Drink within 4 hours. Effective in relieving constipation on the day of consumption. Long-term drinking can drain excess body fats in time.

Relieves hangovers and liver caring

Principle: Experiments have shown that it can increase the activity of alcohol dehydrogenase and acetaldehyde, significantly protecting both alcohol intake and non-alcohol intake livers. Consume 1g before any intake of alcohol, aids in increasing toleration against alcohol and the protection of liver from alcohol. Consume another 1g in the next day after taking alcohol to help relieve hangovers and prevent migraines from hangovers.

Lowering uric acid

Principle: Solves this issue through the regulation of lipid metabolism. There are no scientific research data stated it very clearly, but the feedback after drinking indicates that it is obvious to see the result that after drinking the dark tea, slightly high uric acid conditions are able to return to normal. Take 2-3g per day for a long term toprevent gout recurrence  effectively.

Lowering blood pressure

Principle: By regulating the metabolism of lipids and glucose, it cleans up the excessive blood fat and sugar, lowering the blood pressure. It takes more than 3 months to see the result , therefore drinking in a long- term would prove to be better.

TOGI D’Glutea can fully activate the biological enzyme activity in the body and accelerate the conversion of mitochondria to fat. It also strengthens the body’s fat metabolism rate and decomposition rate. Drinking TOGI D’Glutea half an hour before exercise can also increase fat burning by 17%.

The core components of TOGI D’Glutea, Catechin A & B can significantly inhibit the proliferation and differentiation of preadipocytes, effectively reducing the levels of TG and TC in Hep G2 cells. It further inhibits intracellular lipid accumulation and activates the energy metabolism. The channel increases the oxidation of fatty acids and thus achieving the goal of reducing fat and weight.

The accumulation of fat is caused by unhealthy diet and living habits. As long as you adjust your diet and lifestyle, you are not likely to rebound. However, the human body consists of a self-protective mechanism. When the body fat has a large decline, the body weight will maintain a fixed range of fluctuation. We call it the plateau period, where the body will adapt for around 15 days, which then after the body fat will continue to decline to the point where it the body fat reaches a normal range. After that the body weight is unlikely to decline much further.

The main function of TOGI D’Glutea is to reduce fat and lose weight comprehensively. When the body has more blood lipids, visceral fat and fat plaque on the blood vessel wall, the results of fat loss of the product will not be reflected in the reduction of overall body fat. So, from the appearance, it would seem that some lose weight faster than others.

Because the pathogenesis of hypertension is the adhesion of fat and other substances onto the walls of arteries, veins and capillaries. As one grows older, the thicker the clot, the smaller the vascular size, which results in poor blood flow and increase of blood pressure. At the same time, the atheromatous plaque on the blood vessel wall weakens the elasticity of the blood vessel itself, which limits the automatic regulation of blood pressure. In addition, the long-term atheromatous plaque destroys the blood vessel and reduces its elasticity. When the product is taken, it can dissolve the atheromatous plaque, which will simultaneously protect the blood vessels, repair the damaged blood vessels, and restore elasticity to the blood vessels. When there are many atherosclerotic plaques, it will enter the blood in a large amount, which will lead to an increase in local pressure of the blood vessels, resulting in higher chest tightness and higher blood pressure. When the course of hypertension is long and there are many obstructing substances, there will be more frequent signs of high blood pressure, even though there would not be significant headaches or dizziness.

After drinking TOGI D’Glutea to dissolve atheromatous plaques for symptoms of “the three highs”, various nutrients that are bound by fat will enter the blood, showing signs of transient increase in the amount of nutrients in blood. Despite that, one’s physique would appear fine in all aspects. That is due to the nutrients dissolving themselves are the nutrients needed by the human body. If the excess nutrients cannot be absorbed, it would need to be metabolized out of the body as soon as possible. One can drink plenty of water which encourages the discharge of excess nutrients through sweating and urination. These occurrences are all signs of improvement. You do not need to worry about it. Instead you should feel relaxed as it helps accelerating blood flow and metabolism.

TOGI D’Glutea is a beverage and not a medication. It tackles chronic illnesses related to the three highs only as additional supplement, and the effects take time to manifest. If you are already taking medications we do not recommend you to stop it. You may drink TOGI D’Glutea after the intake of medication, but it has to be at least an hour apart. It is recommended to regularly monitor and pay attention to the changes in how your body and mind feels. Once your diabetic or three high conditions have significantly improved, you may reduce the intake of your medication.

Gentle Reminder: Take your medication as advised by a medical professional.

TOGI D’Glutea reacts in the blood lipid and blood glucose metabolism cycle in accordance with the principle of homology of medicine and food. Through the regulation of human metabolic enzyme activity, it combat the three highs from the core. Each body has different metabolic rates. The three highs might be formed due to overnutrition over the decades. There will be a need to drink D’Glutea for 3 to 9 months continuously.

It is recommended to do a physical examination before drinking, and another examination after drinking the tea for some time. Once your spirits are good and you do not experience dizziness, the body will obviously feel more relaxed and comfortable.

Studies have shown that there have been no rebounds thus far through experiments and research conducted on a huge subject population. Hyperglycemia or dyslipidemia are chronic illnesses as a result of accumulation of nutrients for ten or even more years and as a result of unhealthy lifestyles habits. Once the modulation seems to be stable, in order to ensure that the various indexes will not cause a new round of problems due to the re-accumulation of excess nutrients, you may choose to:  

  • Adjust your lifestyle habits, keep a reasonable and healthy diet as well as good habits. By then it is okay even if you do not drink.
  • If your living habits are difficult to adjust, it is recommended that you reduce the amount of drinking after the metabolism appears to be stable. This can also ensure that your body feels comfortable.

Of course. TOGI D’Glutea is an extraction of golden camellia tea. Its effects are 60 times more than the same quality of tea containing tea polyphenols, amino acids, caffeine, tea polysaccharides, pigments, vitamins, saponins, cellulose, minerals and other compounds. Drinking once or twice a day prevents the three highs.

TOGI D’Glutea is involved in the digestive and metabolic processes of the human body from the gastrointestinal tract. In your first month of drinking, you will feel hungry easily. You can take less meals, less grease, less sugar, less frying and so on.

Yes, you can. TOGI D’Glutea protects the function of islet organs, increases insulin sensitivity, promotes insulin secretion, reduces pancreatic β-cell apoptosis, proliferates, and continuously protects islet β cells from glucose toxicity and other inflammation. You may drink TOGI D’Glutea approximately an hour before the insulin injection, which would stimulate the coexistence of insulin, effectively balancing blood sugar levels in your body, ensuring a faster and better treatment of hyperglycemia and diabetes.

It is not advised for ladies to drink during their menstrual cycle. When women during their menstrual cycle as it would further increase the loss of iron molecules. TOGI D’Glutea is a highly concentrated dark tea with 1:8 concentration extract. Each cup would equal to multiple cups of regular dark tea. Therefore, it is advised for women during their menstrual period to stop taking the TOGI D’Glutea temporarily. (Certain women’s physiological cycle would cause them to lose an extra 20 mg of iron. The tea is rich in tannic acid, which will form a precipitate with the iron molecules in the food, hindering the absorption of iron molecules by the intestinal mucosa, resulting in aggravation of iron loss)

Besides that, drinking tea during menstrual period can easily aggravate menstrual reactions, such as menstrual constipation, tension, headache, low back pain and so on. During menstruation, it is recommended to drink warm water and maintain a happy mood.

Do not drink tea during pregnancy and lactation period, because many ingredients from the tea may be transmitted to the child through the mother. The child is too young, and all the organs have yet to be developed fully. This increases the burden for the child which would affect their development.

In addition to dominant genetic factors, diabetes is a chronic ‘three highs’ disease caused by the accumulation of years of unhealthy living habits as well as over nutrition. Hence, it is important to take time to adjust the illness slowly, as set by the laws of human cell metabolism, through the complex tea polysaccharide found in TOGI D’Glutea. The active ingredients such as tea polyphenols and much more contributes in the regulation of the body’s own glycolipid metabolism system to achieve the effect of lowering sugar levels and eliminating the three highs. It would require a longer period of time consumpting it accordingly to achieve a healthy and stable sugar-regulating effect:

Scientifically proven: Drinking 3 sachets of TOGI D’Glutea a day has the effect equivalent to the aglucosidase inhibiting 10mg/kg of acrabose and acts equivalently to 5mg/kg if insulin sensitizer rosiglitazone. But it usually takes up to 6 weeks of consistent drinking to take effect. Thus, when taking oral hypoglycemic drugs, do not rush by reducing the amount to prevent the blood sugar from repeatedly causing harm to the body.

After requiring a period of time for the blood sugar to continue to stabilize, adjust the intake of medication under the advice of doctors or medical professionals. During the adjustment of medication, it is necessary to monitor the changes of blood glucose, avoiding large fluctuations in blood glucose.

It is recommended to drink after meals. The gap of time between drinking TOGI D’Glutea and the intake of oral hypoglycemic medication should be at least an hour. Drinking TOGI D’Glutea about an hour before insulin injection stimulates the coexistence of insulin, effectively balancing the blood sugar level in the body.

The ultimate goal for diabetic patients is to ensure the optimal blood glucose level. Monitoring the blood sugar is a vital. Regular monitoring of blood glucose levels and documentation should be done during the period of drinking. Please measure the blood glucose level at least once every 15 days after fasting for 2 hours after meals. In every 3 months, go to the hospital for to test the glycated hemoglobin to monitor the blood sugar control and conditioning effect during the cycle;

Brewing the tea at high temperature would affect the conversion of complex polysaccharides. It is best to brew the tea at 50 °C or below for the purpose of lowering blood sugar. The strength of tea will not affect the function of lowering blood sugar, it can be adjusted to each individual’s liking. Engage in adequate outdoor exercises, and light diets aid in controlling blood sugar levels;

Through drinking TOGI D’Glutea, one’s blood sugar levels should be regularly tested according to their physical conditions. Do not drink excessively to avoid hypoglycemia.

Due to the microcirculation disturbances (capillary blockage, metabolic imbalance), TOGI D’Glutea may cause rashes, itchiness and red spots when conditioning unbalanced microbial flora. In the early stage, there would be small red spots and itching skin. It will gradually fade in the middle stage until it fully recovers back to normal, smooth skin. At the same time, your sleep will continue to improve, regulating your sleep cycle at the later stage. These are all positive reactions that occur during the beginning of your health’s improvements.

All customers of TOGI D’Glutea must be informed in advance that the product is a tea extract that contains the allergen called “theophylline”. You should not drink this if you normally cannot consume tea. People who usually drink tea and that are first starting to drink this should drink gradually. Only drink one sachet on the first day, then two sachets on the next, increasing the amount gradually. The adaptation process is necessary. TOGI D’Glutea contains tea polysaccharides, catechins, and other beneficial substances in amounts that are much higher than ordinary tea, therefore the conditioning rate of the body is also faster. In particular, people who experienced the three highs or other metabolic abnormalities would experience mild hunger and mild diarrhea as well as other normal conditions.