TOGI D’Glutea uses Golden Flower probiotics (scientifically known as “Eurotium Cristatum”) as the main ingredient, it aids in digestion, reduces fat, detoxifies and regulates one’s sugar metabolism and oxidation, effective in changing and improving one’s overall body metabolism.
TOGI D’Glutea selects top quality dark tea. Through 21 different steps of pure physical extraction, condensing the essence of dark tea, conserving the maximum components of Eurotium Cristatum and other beneficial nutrients produced through the process of fermentation of dark tea, retaining the original taste of dark tea, while including the benefits of relieving pressure, reducing fats, nourishing the digestive system, and increasing longevity. By simply brewing the tea, you can naturally obtain the nourishments within.
TOGI D’Glutea is packed in convenient packets with no coloring, preservatives or artificial flavors added. By adding room temperature water, you can instantly enjoy great black tea that contains no residue whenever or wherever. Each gram of D’Glutea consists of 18 types of amino acids as well as 210 million Eurotium Cristatum bacteria.

TOGI D’Glutea is also enriched with:

  1. Catechin – Increases the rate of fat burning when exercising
  2. Quercetin A & B – Adjusts and improves a person’s metabolism
  3. Tea polysaccharide – Effective in reducing the transformation of glucose, which results in lowering one’s blood sugar level
  4. Tea polyphenol – Burns fat through oxidization, reducing the cholesterol within the blood
  5. Theanine – Helps preventing the increase of blood pressure level
  6. Theaflavins – Tenderizes blood vessels, effective in removing substances within the blood vessel wall.


  1. The number of intake should be advised by a health professional. It is advised to drink up to 3 sachets a day.
  2. Brew the tea with room temperature water and drink right after, the consistency of the drink can be adjusted to your liking. The suggested way is to use 400ml per pack.
  3. People who are sensitive to Theophylline-related medicine, with low blood sugar or pregnant women are not advised to consume.
  4. “The Three Highs” are diseases caused after years of accumulation of over nutrition, therefore it would take an average of 3 to 6 months of continuous intake for results to show. Only then can the efficiency of regulation and recovery reach its maximum results.
  5. Once the results of your health checkups appear to be stable, you may reduce the frequency of intake, maintaining the balance of your body’s metabolism.

1 box 30 Sachets

3 boxes 90 Sachets